Basil Ba-aziz

Specialized and certified by many global IT enterprises industries ( including Microsoft, Sybase and NEC. Having professional expertise in most of information technology field, with a 24 years of proven experience in development, systems engineering, databases, internet and networking, information security, business platforms, websites, applications, integrations and in developing and adapting business development. Worked in enterprise organizations with competitive work environments.  During my career journey, I have been promoted across several management and administrative levels.

Managed many influential projects and amassed many achievements with tangible impacts that contributing to do a major transformational impact on big organization for reducing expenses, increasing productivity, reducing wasted time and effort, and raising profits despite the various challenges for large organizations, that’s including transformation for most of the employees who is having different backgrounds and from various geographical areas to adapt state of the arts systems.

  • Research and development for building a modern IT strategy that’s adapts the business to improve work, increasing revenues and reducing expenses
  • Working closely with business development team to Adapt Business strategies and business expansion.
  • Massive increasing security standards to support business reliability
  • Modernizing traditional systems to make them more integrated, and visualizing systems using dashboards that supports decision-making
  • Reviewing information security policies and teamwork responsibilities and contributing to their development and improvement to make them current, effective, and safe in their operations
  • Connecting all branches and systems with the latest available tools at the lowest possible costs, enabling remote work to reduce risks and expenses
  • Finding the best global technical solutions available to reduce expenses, improve operational processes and systems, and develop them to use cloud computing services to reduce operational problems and risks
  • Managing teamwork across different specializations and fields, from technical support to developers or network and infrastructure and information security to ensure optimum business flows.
  • Supporting the implementation of global systems provided by SAP, Microsoft, and Inform, and supervising the integration of the systems and databases.


  • Reduced expenses and wasted effort, and increased productivity through:
  • Successful negotiations of Internet communications contracts and protecting network systems for Ground Services, which saved more than 17 million SR – 2020
  • Establishing self-service portal called “My File self service” for employees throughout Saudi Arabia, which assisted HR departments in automatically updating 10,000 files in two months – 2019
  • Activating the international recruitment process automatically through the creation of a special portal for recruitment agencies, which covers most recruitment procedures, from receiving resumes to recruitment, reservations, and employment
  • Applying Laserfiche system, which contributed to the acceleration of all work processes reducing their completion time from months to days
  • Transferring 8000 employees from local e-mail systems to adapt the cloud covering all their information without interrupting the business.
  • Transferring more than 200 servers from the local network to cloud computing and connecting them with international flight scheduling
  • Replacing circuits in the same city with wireless communication devices, which provide the organization with huge periodic sums of money and high-quality services
  • Mobile Ahlan airport service in the airport (Web ,Mobile applications) 2013
  • Contributed to changing user culture and enhanced information security and awareness through:
  • Transformation from paper to electronic archive records – 2006
  • Transformation from offline meetings to online meetings – 2010
  • Supporting the concept of “Work from Anywhere” or “IT Anywhere” – 2012
  • Activating two-step verification systems for all employees – 2019
  • Launching various awareness campaigns for employees through posts and advertisements through the company’s internal social media
  • Crisis Management, including:
  • Successfully protecting the organization’s database and recovering lost data after the global virus attack known as the “Shamoon Attack,” without paying any ransom
  • Saving the organization’s database and continuing work in many difficult crises (during floods and run, communications, and electricity cuts), activating alternative lines in record time
  • First:
  • First Intranet provider in Saudi Arabia (1994) – Built a web registration system for all Saudi universities in JSTC
  • First branch network for 114 Branch in Rajhy (1998) – Connected database replication to make tele-money transfers, reducing time from 3 days to 15 minutes
  • First Internet provider in Saudi Arabia that used modems through Bahrain Batelco for memberships


  • Manager, HR Information Systems – Saudi Ground Services – November 2018 to Present
  • Manager, IT Infrastructure and Networking – Saudi Ground Services – September 2015 to November 2018
  • Head, Quality and Developments – Saudi Ground Services – June 2006 to August 2015
  • Head, Development – Saudi Catering – November 1999 to June 2006
  • Head, IT – Science and Technology Center – November 1993 to November


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science – King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah – GPA (4.84)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science – King Abdulaziz University – GPA (3.5)
  • MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer)
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer)
  • MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator)
  • ISO 9001:2000 Awareness Program
  • ISO 9001:2000 Internal Quality Auditing
  • 2008 Ethical Hacking Training (UK)
  • Sonicwall Firewall Certification, Sonicwall SSL Certification
  • NEC VPCC (Desktop Cloud Computing)
  • Sybase Power Builder development


Soft skills:

  • Project lifecycle management (more than 20 projects)
  • Leadership: led 45 employees
  • Budget administration (+17 million Riyals)
  • Negotiating: Negotiated Internet communications contracts that saved more than 17 million SR
  • Recovery: Recovering missing invoices in database for a big organization for 100 million SR
  • Crisis Management: Managed the Shamoon Attack crisis and many other major crises
  • Problem Solving
  • Product development
  • Decision-making
  • English, Chinese
  • Management

Technical Skills:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Database administration
  • Software architecture
  • Systems analysis
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Business continuity
  • Deploying and managing web and mobile applications